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Sent: Monday, July 12, 1999 11:50
To: Kevin M. Kelly
Subject: RE: First scientific research journey / experts research

Dear Mr. Kelly,
thanks for your answer. You are right: You are the wrong Kelly, or
better: your are the right Kelly, but Im wrong. Sorry.
Interent-marketing means the customer orientation in, on and with
Internet. Keywords in the current discussion are e-comemrce,
web-business and e-business.
For your additional information we will send you the results of our
opinion poll.

> I am uncertain how to answer your questions. I am unfamiliar with the term
> "internet-marketing-scientist" (I'm sure just may lack of familiarity with
> the discipline.) Perhaps, some of my confusion is that I am a scientist
> seeking to use the internet to provide information and promote discussion.
> (I am a research scientist in the College of Public Health and hold an
> adjunct associate professor appointment in the Department of Anthropology,
> University of Iowa. If you are looking for Kevin Kelly of Wired Magazine,
> see
> Could you provide references to published research that might provide a
> better understanding of your discipline. I am most interested.
> Thank you,
> Kevin M. Kelly
> >-----Original Message-----
> >Sent: Thursday, July 08, 1999 15:58
> >To: "mailto:Kevin"
> >Subject: First scientific research journey / experts research
> >
> >
> >Dear Mr. Kelly,
> >
> >in august/september Prof. Dr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the "Scientest
> >- will make the first scientific research journey of a german
> >internet-marketing-scientist in the USA.
> >For the best contacts and the best results please support us with
> >answering the following questions:
> >
> >Question A: Who are the outstanding scientists in the area of
> >internet-marketing or internet-management in the USA?
> >
> >1.
> >2.
> >3.
> >4.
> >5.
> >
> >Question B: Which will be the most rlevant themes in the area of
> >internet-marketing and internet-management for the next 5 years?
> >
> >1.
> >2.
> >3.
> >4.
> >5.
> >
> >Thanks for your attandance. We will be very glad
> >to send you the results soon.
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